TOP 25 FAVORITE STARKID SONGS #1-Happy Ending-Twisted: The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier

I wish I had a more thorough description for this song, but I don’t. :P I just think it embodies everything Starkid is best at and mixes those elements together very well to make for an epic song!


very very very below average

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Is Geekycon worth it without a RockStar pass? Because they’re already 90% sold out and I won’t know if I’m going until spring…. :(

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My dad doesn’t think so, and I’m having a hard time explaining to him why school is stressful, so once this reaches a decent amount of notes I’ll show him how many people agree with me.

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be-your-wingman said: Nick lang said on twitter Ani should be on YouTube around Halloween, and Oregon from thanksgiving to mid December. Nothing official yet though, due to editing and such.

Yay Ani is first this is good very good.

Thank you so much for letting me know! :)

And so much for stagnating the releases. XD

TOP 25 FAVORITE STARKID SONGS #2-Harry Freaking Potter-A Very Potter Sequel (song starts at 5:32)

This song is undeniably awesome and catchy and just so much fun, but it actually has more meaning to me than just that…

Some of you guys already know this, but when I was 6 years old I was in an acting class and did my first play, Harry Potter! And I played…Ron Weasley! :D It was mostly girls lol (yes, Malfoy was a girl just like in AVPM haha.) The play was only based on the first book so one of the scenes we did took place at the train station and involved me saying a couple lines sort of similar to this song.

So I guess this plus Darren being on the show that convinced me to try performing again after getting discouraged and my sharing a name with one of the other Starkids (and having a middle name similar to the first name of yet another) probably means I was meant to be a Starkid fan or something, even if it took awhile (but that’s another story). :P

Here’s a link to the play if anyone wants to see it (don’t worry it’s short lol):

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Attention seeker.

Is there anyone who hasn’t?


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Alex Hirsch explains a lost episode from season one of gravity falls.


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Anything you guys want me to talk about in today’s video?

With the Chez team slowing down for obvious reasons, a lot of my fave Youtubers slowing/stopping their videos and now Meredith leaving for 4 months expect my enthusiasm levels for internet fandoms to decrease a lot come winter.